Regarding Bus Service During Construction, Will Riders Be Aware of Delays?

At this time NJ TRANSIT Routes along Washington Street will remain the same during Construction.  However, for information regarding NJ TRANSIT’s bus service and any delays, riders can visit the following NJ TRANSIT sites.

Service Advisory:

As the project progresses, NJ TRANSIT will continue to update customers through the following channels:

Will Residents and Businesses be notified prior to construction?

Yes. The Contractor is required by the Contract to distribute a notice to all residents and businesses that will be affected no less than seven (7) days prior to construction. Click here for the letter.

Will the project include replacement of sidewalks or street furniture?

With the exception of corners and improved lighting, the scope of project improvements is limited to the roadway from curb to curb.

Will Access to Businesses or Residences be obstructed?

Access will be maintained to all Businesses and Residences at all times throughout construction. The sidewalks midblock will not be replaced so the sidewalks will remain open behind work zones.

How will my business receive deliveries if in a work zone?

The Contract requires 50 ft designated loading zones at the end of each work zone for deliveries. These locations will be depicted on construction graphics on this website once work zones are in place.

Will two-way traffic be maintained on Washington Street during Construction?

Yes. Two-way traffic will be maintained during construction. To facilitate two-way traffic, no parking will be permitted on the opposite side of the street from the work zones.

How will visitors know that Hoboken is Open for Business during Construction.

Hoboken is open for Business during Construction. This website will promote that fact throughout the duration of the project. Please patronize our Hoboken Businesses and see the Progress on Washington Street.

Will garbage pick-up be impacted on Washington Street during construction?

Refuse pick-up times may be affected in some work zones. When there is a change to refuse pick-up times Businesses/Residents will be notified on that block, and information will be placed in the Project Newsletter.

Will parking be restored overnight in work zones?

The Contractor is permitted to store Materials & Equipment overnight in work zones, so parking restrictions will remain in force overnight.

Will the Events on Washington Street be relocated such as the Spring Music and Arts Festival, the Memorial Day Parade, and the Ragamuffin Parade?

The Spring Music & Arts Festival will be relocated. The City is still looking into options for the Memorial Day Parade and the Ragamuffin Parade. We will notify the Public once finalized.